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New Rickettsia species in soft ticks Ornithodoros hasei collected from bats in French Guiana.
This is the first report showing the presence of nucleic acid of Rickettsia in Ornithodoros hasei ticks from South American bats, and the sequences of this new species were deposited in GenBank as CandidatusRickettsia wissemanii. Expand
Evidence of Bartonella spp. in Blood and Ticks (Ornithodoros hasei) of Bats, in French Guiana.
Two isolated strains represent possible two new species of Bartonella spp. Expand
Interactions between Gastrointestinal Nematodes and Malaria in a Cohort of Children in an Amazonian Village
Despite its low statistical power, the present results find that Ascaris was associated with less malaria, as observed by a number of studies. Expand
[The value of dermoscopy in the diagnosis of tinea nigra].
A 43-year-old Brazilian man with a chronic ulcerated lesion.
There was a minor improvement of the lesion after pentamidine treatment, whereas the Leishmania research by microscopic examination, culture, and molecular biology was negative, however, these exams were done after treatment initiation, so an initial coinfection cannot be ruled out. Expand