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Secondary metabolites and cytotoxic activities from the endophytic fungus Annulohypoxylon squamulosum
Abstract One new dihydrobenzofuran-2,4-dione derivative, designated as annulosquamulin (1), together with 10 known compounds (2–11), were isolated from the n-BuOH-soluble fraction of the 95% EtOHExpand
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A new phragmalin-type limonoid and anti-inflammatory constituents from the fruits of Swietenia macrophylla
Abstract The fruit of Swietenia macrophylla is commercially used in healthcare products for the improvement of blood circulation and skin condition. A new phragmalin-type limonoid, 6- OExpand
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Secondary metabolites from the endophytic fungus Biscogniauxia formosana and their antimycobacterial activity
Abstract Two new azaphilone derivatives, namely, biscogniazaphilones A ( 1 ) and B ( 2 ), along with ten known compounds ( 3–12 ), were isolated from the n -BuOH-soluble fraction of the 95% EtOHExpand
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Two new sesquiterpenoids and anti-HIV principles from the root bark of Zanthoxylum ailanthoides.
Two new sesquiterpenes, 10beta-methoxymuurolan-4-en-3-one (1) and 10alpha-methoxycadinan-4-en-3-one (2), were isolated from the root bark of Zanthoxylum ailanthoides. The structures of 1 and 2 wereExpand
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Chemical and cytotoxic constituents from Peperomia sui.
Three polyketide compounds, surinone A, surinone B, surinone C and one acylresorcinol, suranone, along with thirty known compounds, were isolated from the whole plant of Peperomia sui. TheirExpand
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Quinoline alkaloids and other constituents of Melicope semecarpifolia with antiplatelet aggregation activity.
Three new quinoline alkaloids, 2-acetylevolitrine (1), 2-acetylpteleine (2), and semecarpifoline (3), along with 26 known compounds were isolated from the root bark of Melicope semecarpifolia. TheExpand
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New Flavones, a 2-(2-Phenylethyl)-4H-chromen-4-one Derivative, and Anti-Inflammatory Constituents from the Stem Barks of Aquilaria sinensis
In the current study, two new flavones, 4′-O-geranyltricin (1) and 3′-O-geranylpolloin (2), and a new 2-(2-phenylethyl)-4H-chromen-4-one derivative, 7-hydroxyl-6-methoxy-2-(2-phenylethyl)chromoneExpand
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Chemical Constituents from the Leaves of Litsea Acutivena
Continuous investigation of the CHCl3-soluble and n-hexane fractions of the leaves of Litsea acutivena Hayata (Lauraceae) led to the isolation of one new butanolide, acutilactone (1), one newExpand
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Steryl epoxide, secobutanolide and butanolides from the stem wood of Machilus zuihoensis.
A steryl epoxide, machillene (1), a secobutanolide, secomahubanolide (2), and two butanolides, zuihoenalide (3), and 3-(1-methoxyoctadecyl)-5-methylene-5H-furan-2-one (4), together with 12 knownExpand
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New Labdane-Type Diterpenoids and Anti-Inflammatory Constituents from Hedychium coronarium
Four new labdane-type diterpenoids: hedychicoronarin (1), peroxycoronarin D (2), 7β-hydroxycalcaratarin A (3), and (E)-7β-hydroxy-6-oxo-labda-8(17),12-diene-15,16-dial (4), have been isolated fromExpand
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