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Field Guide to the Forest Trees of Ghana. Ghana Forestry Series 1
This guide has been produced to help foresters identify trees in Ghanaian rain forest. The range and definition of forest types covered are the same as those described by Hall and Swaine (1981).Expand
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Kupeaeae, a New Tribe of Triuridaceae from Africa
A new tribe, Kupeaeae Cheek (Triuridaceae) is proposed here to house three species, all from Africa. Two of these species are newly described here: Kupea jonii Cheek and the second, for which a newExpand
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Molecular phylogenetics of Meliaceae (Sapindales) based on nuclear and plastid DNA sequences.
Phylogenetic analyses of Meliaceae, including representatives of all four currently recognized subfamilies and all but two tribes (32 genera and 35 species, respectively), were carried out using DNAExpand
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Phylogenetic Relationships within the Subfamily Sterculioideae (Malvaceae/Sterculiaceae-Sterculieae) Using the Chloroplast Gene ndhF
Abstract A parsimony analysis of ndhF nucleotide sequences representing 24 species and 13 genera of Sterculioideae strongly supports (100% bootstrap) the monophyly of the group. Within theExpand
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A skeletal revision of Nepenthes (Nepenthaceae)
A skeletal world revision of the genus is presented to accompany a family account for Flora Malesiana. 82 species are recognised, of which 74 occur in the Malesiana region. Six species are describedExpand
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Important Plant Areas: revised selection criteria for a global approach to plant conservation
Despite the severe threats to plant habitats and high levels of extinction risk for plant species in many parts of the world, plant conservation priorities are often poorly represented in nationalExpand
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