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Microwave assisted synthesis of N-substituted pyrimidines using AlCl3 as catalyst and their antimicrobial activities.
The three component condensation of an aldehyde, Substituted urea and 3-oxobutanamide in presence of catalytic amount of AlCl3 is disclosed for the synthesis of pyrimidine under solvent freeExpand
Synthesis of Monomethylated Dimeric Benzopyrans as HIV-1 and HIV-2 Inhibitors. Part 1.
Warfarin and its analogs have been identifi ed for structure based des ign of non peptidic HIV protease inhi bitors and 4-hydroxycoumarin was identified as a lead structure l . The cal onolidesExpand
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of N-Substituted α-Amino Acids from 4-Hydroxy Coumarins
The synthesis of a series of N-(methylene-4-oxo coumarinyl)carbamates by the condensation of various carbamates with 4-hydroxy coumarins in the presence of triethylorthoformate was undertaken toExpand
Synthesis and Antimicrobial Screening of Some Arylaminocoumarins.
The phenolic hydroxyl group of 4-hydroxycoumarins is replaced by different amines, in a single step method to get new substituted 4-amino derivatives.
Synthesis and biological evaluation of N-substituted alpha-amino acids from 4-hydroxy coumarins.
The alkyl groups present in the benzenoid part and the higher amino acid residues like 3a, 3c, 5a and 5b were found to be more active in the title compounds (i.e. 2d and 2e). Expand