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Paternal retrievals increase testosterone levels in both male and female California mouse (Peromyscus californicus) offspring
The importance of maternal care on offspring development has received considerable attention, although more recently, researchers have begun to focus on the significance of paternal contributions. InExpand
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Biological Factors in Parenting and Child Development
Parenting and children’s development function in a family system that involves many biological factors that interact with the environment and the parent–child relationship. There has been rapidExpand
Mothers’ sleep deficits and cognitive performance: Moderation by stress and age
There are well-known associations between stress, poor sleep, and cognitive deficits, but little is known about their interactive effects, which the present study explored in a sample of mothers ofExpand
Maternal Executive Function and Sleep Interact in the Prediction of Negative Parenting
ABSTRACT Objective/Background: Poorer executive function (EF) has been implicated in the etiology of negative parenting (e.g., harsh, reactive, intrusive). EF may be affected by good or poor qualityExpand