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The structure and function of the slowly adapting type II mechanoreceptor in hairy skin.
The slowly adapting type II mechanoreceptor in hairy skin of the cat was studied in detail using histological and neurophysiological methods. The end organ (Ruffini ending) was lightly encapsulated,Expand
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Slowly-adapting cutaneous mechanoreceptors.
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Akt and STAT5 mediate naïve human CD4+ T-cell early metabolic response to TCR stimulation
Metabolic pathways that regulate T-cell function show promise as therapeutic targets in diverse diseases. Here, we show that at rest cultured human effector memory and central memory CD4+ T-cellsExpand
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Slowly adapting cutaneous receptors.
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Single unit dissection and identification of afferent nerve fibres.
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Reactions of mono-olefins in the presence of alkali metals. The effect of lithium and Group 2A metals
Co-dimerisation of ethylene with propene and pentenes has been studied with a variety of alkali metal catalysts comprising dispersions of lithium hydride, and sodium and potassium metals onExpand
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The structure of tribenzyloxyaluminium and some related alkoxides
Infrared spectroscopic evidence for the degree of association of tribenzyloxyaluminium and related compounds is reported. Molecular weights of tribenzyloxyaluminium have been determinedExpand
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The thermal decomposition of tribenzyloxyaluminium and related compounds
This reaction has been studied with and without solvent and etherification is shown to be the first step; consideration of substituent effects, solvent effects, and the contrasting photolyticExpand