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Characteristics of Skimming Flow over Stepped Spillways
The discusser wishes to congratulate the authors for their authoritative paper. He believes that the work is a necessary addition to the topic of stepped spillway flow. The paper presents a true
Nutritional evaluation of kabuli and desi type chickpeas (cicer arietinum L.) for ruminants using in vitro gas production technique
The aim of the present study was to determine the chemical composition and estimation of nutritive value of kabuli and desi type chickpeas using in vitro gas production technique in sheep. The
The Bacillus subtilis and Lactic Acid Bacteria Probiotics Influences Intestinal Mucin Gene Expression, Histomorphology and Growth Performance in Broilers
In BS and LAB probiotic fed chicks, higher growth performance may be related to higher expression of the MUC2 gene in goblet cells and/or morphological change of small intestinal tract, and consequently efficient nutrient absorption.
Effect of feeding a docosahexaenoic acid-enriched nutriceutical on the quality of fresh and frozen-thawed semen in Holstein bulls.
DHA supplementation or its precursors, improve in vitro quality and motility parameters of fresh semen assessed by CASA in Holstein bulls, however, this effect was not pronounced in frozen-thawed semen.
Onset of skimming flow on stepped spillways
Assuming that skimming flow occurs when the jet leaving a step has a slope equal to that of the stepped spillway when it impinges on the pool behind it on the next step, an equation has been
Investigation on Direct and Maternal Effects on Growth Traits and the Kleiber Ratio in Moghani Sheep
The objective of this study was to estimate genetic parameters for growth traits and kleiber ratio in Moghani lambs. Traits included birth weight (BW), weaning weight (WW), 6-month weight (6MW),
Energy loss at drops
This paper presents a critical analysis of the energy loss at drops. Using the results of an experimental study on three drops, several assumptions made by White and Gill in developing an equation ...
Occurrence of Clostridium difficile in seasoned hamburgers and seven processing plants in Iran
Hyper-virulent strains of ribotype were not found in this study however, occurrence of other toxicgenic strains indicate the public health significance of contamination of this product.
Reevaluation of lysine requirement based on performance responses in broiler breeder hens
The results showed that different levels of lysine had significant effects on egg production (%), egg mass, egg mass (g/h/d), egg content (g) and settable egg (%) (P 0.05).
Flow Characteristics at Drops
This technical note is an experimental contribution to the study of the supercritical flow at drops. The experimental setup is arranged to measure flow characteristics, which include velocity