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RAPD discrimination of Agaricus bisporus mushroom cultivars
RAPD analyses can assist mushroom strain identification and could play a role in the protection of novel cultivars, many of which appear to be essentially derived varieties from two original hybrid cultivars. Expand
Production and evaluation of fungicide resistant mutants in the cultivated mushroom Agaricus bisporus
Stable phenotypic resistance was induced in single strains to both benodanil and tridemorph and in two different strains to carboxin, and all mutants showed enhanced in vitro tolerance to specific fungicides when compared with the parental strain. Expand
Developing an Assessment Framework: The distinctive contribution of the educational psychologist
Summary The purpose of this article is to examine the role of the educational psychologist in the whole assessment process. With the implementation of the national curriculum, assessment, recordingExpand
Effect of temperature on spore number in the cultivated mushroom, Agaricus bisporus
It is shown that the proportions of aberrant basidia vary between spawns (commercial varieties) and that the frequency of aberant basidia is increased when spawns are grown in adverse conditions, particularly at sub-optimal temperatures. Expand