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Supplementation with bypass fat in silvopastoral systems diminishes the ratio of milk saturated/unsaturated fatty acids
There was a significant decrease in the amount of saturated fatty acid in both experiments while the unsaturated fat increased significantly in experiment 1 and remained stable in experiment 2, thus improving the saturated/unsaturated ratio without a negative effect on total milk yield in fat or protein. Expand
Isolation of Pseudobutyrivibrio ruminis and Pseudobutyrivibrio xylanivorans from rumen of Creole goats fed native forage diet
The identification of bacterial strains involved in the rumen fermentation helps to explain the ability of these animals to digest fiber plant cell wall contained in native forage species. Expand
Extracción de Aceite de Semillas del Árbol de Pirul (Schinus Molle) por Método Químico a través de Hexano.
In this research project is to carry out the synthesis of extracting oil from the seeds of pirul tree (Schinusmolle), for a chemical method by through soxhlet equipment, which consists in refluxingExpand