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Fundamentals of Mechanics of Robotic Manipulation
Preface 1: Introduction to Automation and Robotics 1.1 Automatic systems and robots 1.2 Evolution and applications of robots 1.3 Examples and technical characteristics of industrial robots 1.4Expand
A formulation for the workspace boundary of general N-revolute manipulators
Abstract An algebraic formulation is proposed to describe the workspace boundary of general N-R revolute open chain manipulators. The geometry of the generation process by revolving a figure about anExpand
Designing an underactuated mechanism for a 1 active DOF finger operation
In this paper a novel finger mechanism with 1 active DOF is proposed for an underactuated operation. The underacuation mechanism design is based on spring elements within the mechanism structure. TheExpand
A multi-objective optimum design of general 3R manipulators for prescribed workspace limits
Manipulator design can be conveniently expressed as a function of workspace requirements, since a fundamental feature of manipulators is recognized in workspace capabilities. In this paper a suitableExpand
Optimal design of CaPaMan (Cassino Parallel Manipulator) with a specified orientation workspace
A formulation for an optimum design for CaPaMan architecture when the orientation workspace is suitably specified is presented. Expand
Numerical and experimental analysis of the stiffness performances of parallel manipulators
Stiffness performances of parallel manipulators are modeled and formulated by using lumped parameters for the components of a parallel architecture structure in a static analysis. A formulation isExpand
A stiffness analysis for CaPaMan (Cassino Parallel Manipulator)
In this paper the 3 d.o.f. parallel manipulator, named as CaPaMan (Cassino Parallel Manipulator), is analysed in terms of stiffness characteristics. A formulation is presented to deduce the stiffnessExpand
A novel articulated mechanism mimicking the motion of index fingers
An analytical formulation for simulation and design of a one d.o.f. articulated finger mechanism with three phalanges based on a study of the design and operation of an index human finger is proposed. Expand
A Synthesis Algorithm for Three-Revolute Manipulators by Using an Algebraic Formulation of Workspace Boundary
A new synthesis algorithm for general three-revolute open chain manipulators is proposed making use of an algebraic formulation for the workspace boundary. This algebraic form of a synthesis model isExpand
Design of LARM hand: Problems and solutions
This paper addresses main design issues for developing a low-cost easy-operation robotic hand named as LARM Hand. Design evolution of LARM Hand is reported by describing peculiarities and differencesExpand