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Japanese encephalitis virus in Taiwan: preliminary evidence for Culex annulus Theob. as a vector.
During a study of Japanese encephalitis ecology in Kuanshi, Taiwan, Culex annulus Theob. was the only Japanese encephalitis virus-positive mosquito. Its populations outnumbered 10 to 1 those of the
Ecology of Japanese encephalitis virus on Taiwan in 1968.
The Phlebotomus of Taiwan.
The phlebotomine fauna of Taiwan appears to be closely associated with that of mainland China and Indochina. At present it consists of 4 species, one representing a new subspecies, viz., kiangsuensis
Seasonal periodicity of ectoparasites of Rattus rattus tanezumi Temminck from Taiwan.
The population dynamics of rat ectoparasites on Taiwan was studied and it was found that the abundance of all 3 populations was greatest during the cool fall and winter months and was least during the hot summer months.