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Rheology of Soft Glassy Materials
We attribute similarities in the rheology of many soft materials (foams, emulsions, slurries, etc.) to the shared features of structural disorder and metastability. A generic model for the mesoscopicExpand
REVIEW ARTICLE: Statics and dynamics of worm-like surfactant micelles
In certain surfactant solutions, such as aqueous cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) in 0.1 M KBr, the amphiphiles are found to assemble reversibly into long, flexible worm-like micelles. Above aExpand
Discontinuous shear thickening without inertia in dense non-Brownian suspensions.
  • M. Wyart, M. Cates
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Physical review letters
  • 16 November 2013
It is shown that reasonable assumptions about contact proliferation predict two distinct types of DST in the absence of inertia; the first occurs at densities above the jamming point of frictional particles; here, the thickened state is completely jammed and (unless particles deform) cannot flow without inhomogeneity or fracture. Expand
Statistical mechanics of interacting run-and-tumble bacteria.
This work considers self-propelled particles undergoing run-and-tumble dynamics (as exhibited by E. coli) in one dimension and adds both interactions and noise, enabling discussion of domain formation by "self-trapping," and other collective phenomena. Expand
Reptation of living polymers: dynamics of entangled polymers in the presence of reversible chain-scission reactions
Etude theorique de la dynamique de la relaxation de contrainte dans un systeme dense de polymeres vivants
Motility-Induced Phase Separation
A selective overview of the fast-developing field of MIPS, focusing on theory and effects, is given, which generally breaks down at higher order in gradients. Expand
Aging and rheology in soft materials
We study theoretically the role of aging in the rheology of soft materials. We define several generalized rheological response functions suited to aging samples (in which time translation invarianceExpand
Effective elastic properties of solid clays
Clay minerals are perhaps the most abundant materials in the earth’s upper crust. As such, their elastic properties are extremely important in seismic exploration, seismic reservoir characterization,Expand
Jamming, Force Chains, and Fragile Matter
We consider materials whose mechanical integrity is the result of a jamming process. We argue that such media are generically ``fragile,'' unable to support certain types of incremental loadingExpand
Stress relaxation in living polymers: Results from a Poisson renewal model
The problem of stress relaxation in entangled, reversibly breakable polymers (e.g., wormlike micelles) is considered. In the case where the dominant diffusive mode for the polymers is reptation, thisExpand