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Antimicrobial activity of the bufadienolides marinobufagin and telocinobufagin isolated as major components from skin secretion of the toad Bufo rubescens.
The increase in the emergence of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms and difficult to treat infections caused by these pathogens stimulate research aiming the identification of novel antimicrobials.Expand
Plant defense and antimicrobial peptides.
Plants are constantly exposed to a large array of pathogenic organisms and the survival in these conditions demands quick defense responses which include the synthesis of defense peptides andExpand
Disintegrins from Snake Venoms and their Applications in Cancer 
Research and Therapy
Integrins regulate diverse functions in cancer pathology and in tumor cell development and contribute to important processes such as cell shape, survival, proliferation, transcription, angiogenesis,Expand
NetWheels: A web application to create high quality peptide helical wheel and net projections
We have developed a web-based application that has several futures to create and export these projections and is freely available at http://lbqp.unb.br/NetWheels. Expand
Purification and characterization of a small (7.3 kDa) putative lipid transfer protein from maize seeds.
The present study reports, for the first time in literature, the purification and biochemical characterization of a small basic protein from maize seeds similar to plant lipid transfer proteins-2,Expand
Antimicrobial peptides from anurans skin secretions.
This article is an overview of antimicrobial peptides found in anurans skin secretions. These molecules constitute an initial barrier against microbial infections because of their activity against aExpand
Composition of indolealkylamines of Bufo rubescens cutaneous secretions compared to six other Brazilian bufonids with phylogenetic implications.
The composition of indolealkylamines of Bufo rubescens cutaneous secretions was compared to those from six other Brazilian bufonids. Skin, parotoid and tibial gland secretions were obtained forExpand
Purification and functional characterization of a new metalloproteinase (BleucMP) from Bothrops leucurus snake venom.
A fibrino(geno)lytic nonhemorrhagic metalloproteinase (BleucMP) was purified from Bothrops leucurus snake venom by two chromatographic steps procedure on DEAE-Sephadex A-25 followed by CM-SepharoseExpand
Ocellatins: New Antimicrobial Peptides from the Skin Secretion of the South American Frog Leptodactylus ocellatus (Anura: Leptodactylidae)
The emergence, in recent years, of microbial resistance to commonly used antibiotics has aroused a search for new naturally occurring bactericidal and fungicidal agents that may have clinicalExpand
Purification, characterization and homology analysis of ocellatin 4, a cytolytic peptide from the skin secretion of the frog Leptodactylus ocellatus.
Neobatrachia is the amphibian suborder with the largest number of species and a most important source of bioactive peptides from frog skin secretions. However, 90% of the studies on this subject haveExpand