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The rise of the network society
From the Publisher: This ambitious book is an account of the economic and social dynamics of the new age of information. Based on research in the USA, Asia, Latin America, and Europe, it aims to
Communication Power
We live in the midst of a revolution in communication technologies that affects the way in which people feel, think, and behave. The mass media (including web-based media), Manuel Castells argues,
The Power of Identity
From the Publisher: Manuel Castells describes the origins, purpose and effect of proactive movements, such as feminism and environmentalism, which aim to transform human relationships at their most
The Internet Galaxy: Reflections on the Internet, Business, and Society
From the Publisher: Manuel Castells is one of the world's leading thinkers on the new information age, hailed by The Economist as "the first significant philosopher of cyberspace," and by Christian
Networks of Outrage and Hope: Social Movements in the Internet Age
Opening: Networking Minds, Creating Meaning, Contesting Power Prelude to Revolution: Where it All Started The Egyptian Revolution Dignity, Violence, Geopolitics: The Arab Uprising A Rhizomatic
Communication Power and Counter-power in the Network Society
A bookmark for marking a page and line in a book. The bookmark includes an elongated planar body having an upper terminal portion that provides a relatively large flat surface for the display of
Rise of the Network Society: The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture
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Materials for an exploratory theory of the network society
This article aims at proposing some elements for a grounded theory of the network society. The network society is the social structure characteristic of the Information Age, as tentatively identified
The New Public Sphere: Global Civil Society, Communication Networks, and Global Governance
The public sphere is the space of communication of ideas and projects that emerge from society and are addressed to the decision makers in the institutions of society. The global civil society is the