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Temperature and acid-base status of human blood at constant and variable total CO2 content.
The influence of temperature on the acid-base status of normal human blood was studied in closed systems (constant CCO2) and open systems (variable CCO2). pH-T coefficients of true plasma andExpand
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Effect of carbamination on the buffering power of purified human hemoglobin A solutions at two temperatures.
The effect of CO2 on hemoglobin buffering power was studied in purified human hemoglobin A solutions, native and specifically carbamoylated on N-terminal valines, at 26 degrees C and 42 degrees C, inExpand
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Tissue acid‐base balance and oxygen metabolism in human cerebral infarction studied with positron emission tomography
Nine patients who had suffered strokes were examined between 10 and 34 days after onset using positron emission tomography. DMO labeled with carbon 11 was used to evaluate brain acid‐base balance,Expand
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Association-dependent active folding of alpha and beta subunits of lutropin (luteinizing hormone).
Abstract The kinetics of the structural transition of ovine lutropin (luteinizing hormone) from a dissociated and partially unfolded state to a biologically active, folded and associated state wereExpand
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Membrane Permeation by Multidrug‐resistance‐modulators and Non‐modulators: Effects of Hydrophobicity and Electric Charge
This study was designed to test the hypothesis that lipophilic cationic drugs with only roughly similar structures mediate the reversal of multidrug‐resistance (MDR) by interacting with membraneExpand
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Temperature-jump method for studying the fast transport of Na+ by (221) C10-cryptand across lipid membranes.
The kinetics of Na+ transport by (221)C10-cryptand through thin lipid membranes were determined by performing temperature-jump relaxation experiments on large unilamellar vesicles (L.U.V.) loadedExpand
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Influence of oxygen and carbon dioxide on the plasma-erythrocyte pH relationship in normal human whole blood.
The influence of oxygenation level (oxyhaemoglobin saturation 0 or 100%) on the relationship between plasma pH and erythrocyte pH was studied, in vitro, in normal human blood submitted to changes inExpand
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Sodium transport by an ionizable and a neutral mobile carrier: effects of membrane structure on the apparent activation energy.
Temperature-jump relaxation experiments on Na+ transport by (221)C10-cryptand (ionizable mobile carrier) and nonactin (neutral mobile carrier) were carried out in order to study the effects ofExpand
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Temperature-dependent effects of cholesterol on sodium transport through lipid membranes by an ionizable mobile carrier.
Temperature-jump relaxation experiments on Na+ transport by (221)C10-cryptand were carried out in order to study the influence of cholesterol and its temperature-dependence on ion transport throughExpand
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Designing multidrug‐resistance modulators circumventing the reverse pH gradient in tumours
Multidrug‐resistant tumours often exhibit a reverse pH gradient (acid outside), as they have an acid extracellular pH (pHe) and a neutral alkaline intracellular pH (pHi). This study was designed toExpand
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