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Context for specific episodes of marital violence: Gender and severity of violence differences
The present study was designed to evaluate the context of marital violence through husbands' and wives' accounts of the worst violent episode in the year prior to assessment. The primary objective
Co-occurrence and Correlates of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Major Depression in Physically Abused Women
Ninety two women presenting for treatment for marital problems and who were physically victimized by their spouses (e.g., pushing, shoving, punching) within the past year participated in this study.
Depressive symptomatology, self-esteem, and self-blame in battered women
Thirty three currently battered women who sought counseling/support services from a Nassau County, New York community agency that provides services to victims of domestic violence participated.
Psychological and Environmental Factors Associated with Partner Violence
This article presents a brief summary of the literature on variables associated with cessation or continuation of partner violence with the aim of generating two conceptual models: psychological and
High School Students’ Responses to Dating Aggression
Overall, the most common responses to physical aggression in a dating relationship were aggressive action, informal help seeking, threatened or actual breakup, and doing nothing (males) or crying (females).
Two new measures of attitudes about the acceptability of teen dating aggression.
Two new measures of attitudes about aggression, each tapping different attitudinal components, are described and compared with an existing measure, finding comparable levels of reliability and validity and improved response distributions.
Animal models of post-traumatic stress disorder: face validity
An overview of animal PTSD models where a variety of stressors (physical, psychosocial, or psychogenic) are used to examine the long-term effects of severe trauma and emphasize models involving predator threat because they reproduce human individual differences in susceptibility to, and in the longterm consequences of, psychological trauma.
Marital aggression. Impact, injury, and health correlates for husbands and wives.
Wives were more likely than husbands to be negatively affected and to sustain severe injuries and wives who experienced marital aggression reported clinical levels of depressive symptomatology.