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Origins of high pH mineral waters from ultramafic rocks, Central Portugal
Abstract This paper reviews the geochemical, isotopic (2H, 18O, 13C, 3H and 14C) and numerical modelling approaches to evaluate possible geological sources of the high pH (11.5)/Na–Cl/Ca–OH mineralExpand
Bioconstructions in ochreous speleothems from lava tubes on Terceira Island (Azores)
Abstract The ochreous speleothems examined here were obtained from a lava tube on Terceira Island (Azores) and show compact mineralized areas intermixed with zones in which bacterial structures areExpand
A comprehensive analysis of groundwater resources using GIS and multicriteria tools (Caldas da Cavaca, Central Portugal): environmental issues
Hard-rock watersheds are essentially confined to fractured and weathered horizons, but they are a source of valuable water resources at a regional level, namely for domestic, industrial andExpand
Chemistry of the Ferraria thermal water, S. Miguel Island, Azores: mixing and precipitation processes
The Ferraria thermal water emerges at the sea level in the Ferraria lava delta (western edge of S. Miguel Island, Azores) with temperature of ca. 60°C and pH varying between 5.4 and 6.2. It is ofExpand
Mantle-derived carbon in Hercynian granites. Stable isotopes signatures and C/He associations in the thermomineral waters, N-Portugal
article i nfo Na-HCO3-CO2-rich thermomineral waters issue in the N of Portugal, within the Galicia-Tras-os-Montes region, linked to a major NNE-trending fault, the so-called Penacova-Regua-VerinExpand
Carbon isotopes and geochemical processes in CO2-rich cold mineral water, N-Portugal
This paper summarizes a new outlook on the conceptual model of Melgaço–Messegães CO2-rich cold (≈18 °C) mineral water systems, issuing in N of Portugal, based on their isotopic (2H, 3H, 13C, 14C andExpand
Assessment of Wastewater Contaminants Retention for a Soil-aquifer Treatment System Using Soil-column Experiments
Abstract Soil-Aquifer Treatment systems are increasingly seen as a relatively inexpensive and complementary water quality enhancement process, which may be particularly relevant in water scarcityExpand
Geological mapping of the central area of Terceira Island (Azores, Portugal): associated volcanostratigraphy, ages and genetic implications on the Malha-Balcões-Chamusca lava caves system
The detailed geological mapping of the Basaltic Fissural Zone in the central area of Terceira Island, the field stratigraphical relationships observed and published and new isotopic ages now providedExpand
Influence of wall-rock alteration and fluid mixing mechanisms in the chemistry of thermal fluids and mud-pool sediments at Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande (S. Miguel Island, Azores)
AbstractThe Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande site is placed at the north-eastern side of the Ribeira Grande geothermal system (S. Miguel Island) and includes a fumarolic field with multiple dischargeExpand
Preliminary Geochemical and Isotopic Results in Thermal and Cold Waters of Graciosa Volcanic Island (Azores)
Abstract Graciosa Island is located in the Azores Archipelago, along the so-called Terceira Rift, NE boundary of the Azores Plateau. From the hydrochemical point of view, two types of Na-ClExpand