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The Book of Memory: A Study of Memory in Medieval Culture
Introduction 1. Models for the memory 2. Descriptions of the neuropsychology of memory 3. Elementary memory design 4. The arts of memory 5. Memory and the ethics of reading 6. Memory and authority 7.
The Craft of Thought: Meditation, Rhetoric, and the Making of Images, 400-1200
1. Collective memory and memoria rerum Part I. An Architecture for Thinking Part II. Memoria Rerum, Remembering Things: 2. 'Remember heaven': the aesthetics of Mneme 3. Cognitive images, meditation,
The Janus face of Mnemosyne
Memory: some systems in the brain may be better equipped to handle the future than the past.
The Experience of Beauty in the Middle Ages
Introduction: Making Sense 1. Artful Play 2. Sensory Complexion and Style 3. Taking the Bitter with the Sweet 4. Taste and Good Taste 5. Varietas 6. Ordinary Beauty
The book of memory
Si pensamos en nuestro maximo poder creative*, invariablemente nos viene a la mente la imaginaei?n. ?Gran imaginaei?n, profunda intuiei?n?, deeimos: es el maximo elogio que concedemos al logro
Rhetoric beyond Words: Delight And Persuasion In The Arts Of The Middle Ages
Editor's introduction Mary Carruthers 1. 'Working by words alone': the architect, scholasticism and rhetoric in thirteenth-century France Paul Binski 2. Grammar and rhetoric in Late Medieval