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Organization of pallidothalamic projections in the rhesus monkey
Attempts were made to: (1) define the regions of origin of the ansa lenticularis (AL) and the lenticular fasciculus (LF), and (2) determine if particular regions of the medial pallidal segment (MPS)Expand
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Projections of the globus pallidus and adjacent structures: An autoradiographic study in the monkey
Because the globus pallidus gives rise to the principal efferent system of the corpus striatum and is traversed by several fibers systems, attempts were made to study the projections of its cells byExpand
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Pretectal region and the pupillary light reflex. An anatomical analysis in the monkey
The effects of discrete lesions in the pretectal region of the monkey upon the pupillary light reflex were studied, using infrared pupillography. Resulting degeneration was studied by silverExpand
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Fiber projections of the superior colliculus in the cat
In submammalian vertebrates the optic tectum, a structure homologous with the mammalian superior colliculus, is the primary way-station of the fibers of the optic tract. As such, it is assumed to beExpand
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Nigrothalamic projections in the monkey demonstrated by autoradiographic technics
In spite of repeated demonstrations by degeneration technics, nigrothalamic fibers have been regarded with some skepticism. Attempts were made to trace‐ nigral efferent projections in the monkey byExpand
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The organization of pallidosubthalamic fibers in the monkey.
A study was made to determine the topographical organization of pallido-subthalamic fibers in the rhesus monkey. Streotaxic lesions were produced in: (1) the lateral pallidal segment (12 lesions inExpand
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Anatomical analysis of pupillary reflex pathways in the rhesus monkey
The pupillary light reflex was analyzed by producing lesions in afferent and efferent pathways in a series of monkeys. Unilateral enucleation and autoradiographic technics utilizing axoplasmic flowExpand
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Volumetric comparisons of the basal ganglia of various primates including man
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