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Naturalism in question
Today the majority of philosophers in the English-speaking world adhere to the "naturalist" credos that philosophy is continuous with science, and that the natural sciences provide a complete accountExpand
Philosophy in an Age of Science: Physics, Mathematics, and Skepticism
Hilary Putnam's unceasing self-criticism has led to the frequent changes of mind he is famous for, but his thinking is also marked by considerable continuity. A simultaneous interest in science andExpand
Naturalism and Normativity
Introduction: Science, Naturalism, and the Problem of Normativity, by Mario De Caro and David MacarthurPart I. Conceptual and Historical Background 1.The Wider Significance of Naturalism: AExpand
What is Practical Knowledge? Christoph Lumer, University of Siena
In this paper practical knowledge is first defined and then identified. The concept of knowledge itself is not discussed but presupposed, the paper's topic rather is what kind of knowledge isExpand
Is Liberal Naturalism Possible
Varieties of naturalism
Cartographies of the Mind: Philosophy and Psychology in Intersection , Series: Studies in Brain and Mind, Vol. 4
Contributors.- Preface.- I. THE INTERPLAY OF LEVELS.- 1 Setting the stage: Persons, minds, and brains M. Marraffa.- 2 Computational explanation and mechanistic explanation of mind G. Piccinini.- 3Expand