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Interventions for Intimate Partner Violence: A Historical Review
Intimate partner violence (IPV), also known as domestic abuse or relationship violence, has generated a large research literature for the last half-century, particularly in the areas of criminalExpand
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Prevalence of Partner Abuse: Rates of Emotional Abuse and Control
Partner abuse research over the past two decades has divided violent, threatening, or abusive phenomena into discrete areas of interest to researchers that, although distinct, are still broadlyExpand
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Reducing Juvenile Recidivism: Evaluating the Wraparound Services Model
Objective: The purpose of this study was to (a) evaluate the relative effectiveness of wraparound services versus conventional services for juvenile delinquent youth and (b) create a predictive modelExpand
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Women who perpetrate intimate partner violence: A review of the literature with recommendations for treatment
The purpose of this article is to review the literature on women as perpetrators of violence in their intimate relationships (i.e., domestically violent women) and summarize the scant literature onExpand
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Psychological and demographic predictors of attrition among batterers court ordered into treatment
The study investigated differences in demographic and psychological variables between treatment completers and dropouts among abusive men entering a court-mandated treatment program. An additionalExpand
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A Multidimensional Evaluation of a Treatment Program for Female Batterers: A Pilot Study
The purpose of the study was to conduct a preliminary evaluation of a batterer intervention program by investigating changes in psychological variables related to abuse (i.e., truthfulness, violence,Expand
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An Application of Attachment Theory to Court-Mandated Batterers
The purpose of this study was to investigate levels of interpersonal dependency, an indicator of insecure attachment in adulthood, among batterers court-mandated into domestic violence treatment. TheExpand
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Disciplinary Literacy and Pedagogical Content Knowledge
This review is a report of selected literature on theory, research, and practice in disciplinary literacy, primarily reading. Expand
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Exploring the Relevance of Interpersonal Dependency as a Treatment Issue in Batterer Intervention
Objective: The purpose of the study was to (a) investigate the pretreatment levels of interpersonal dependency and violence among men entering a 16-week, court-mandated, batterer intervention programExpand
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Exploring the Relevance of Attachment Theory as a Dependent Variable in the Treatment of Women Mandated into Treatment for Domestic Violence Offenses
Abstract Objective: The purpose of the study was to: (a) investigate the pre-treatment levels of interpersonal dependency and violence among women entering a 16-week, court-mandated, battererExpand
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