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Photosystem II gene sequences of psbB and psbC clarify the phylogenetic position of Vanilla (Vanilloideae, Orchidaceae)
Two gene trees demonstrate with a high degree of confidence that a clade of mostly achlorophyllous tropical vines including Pseudovanilla and Erythrorchis are the sister group to Vanilla and that the two New Caledonian endemic genera of Vanilloideae are sister to this pair. Expand
Naked DNA immunization as an approach to target the generic tumor antigen survivin induces humoral and cellular immune responses in mice.
Intramuscular genetic immunization of mice with human survivin encoding plasmids induced a survivin-specific humoral as well as cellular immune response in recipient mice, suggesting survivin links apoptosis to cell cycle progression and plays a pivotal role in regulation of cell proliferation. Expand