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Effect of Salinity on Yield, Fruit Quality, Leaf Gas Exchange, and Mineral Composition of Grafted Watermelon Plants
A greenhouse experiment was carried out to determine growth, yield, fruit quality, gas exchange and mineral composition of watermelon plants (Citrullus Lanatus L. 'Tex'), either ungrafted or graftedExpand
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Yield, Mineral Composition, Water Relations, and Water Use Efficiency of Grafted Mini-watermelon Plants Under Deficit Irrigation
Limited water supply in the Mediterranean region is a major problem in irrigated agriculture. Grafting may enhance drought resistance, plant water use eff- iciency, and plant growth. An experimentExpand
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Protein hydrolysates as biostimulants in horticulture
Abstract In recent years, new strategies have been proposed in order to improve the sustainability of production systems for horticultural crops. A promising tool would be the use of substancesExpand
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Fruit quality of mini‐watermelon as affected by grafting and irrigation regimes
BACKGROUND: The Mediterranean region suffers water deficit that affects fruit yield and quality. Grafting improves crop tolerance to disease and drought, but the taste and quality of fruit may beExpand
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Grafting of cucumber as a means to minimize copper toxicity
Abstract The aim of the current work was to determine whether grafting could improve copper (Cu) tolerance of cucumber, and to study the changes induced by the rootstock in the shoot growth atExpand
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Alleviation of salt stress by arbuscular mycorrhizal in zucchini plants grown at low and high phosphorus concentration
With the aim of determining whether the arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) inoculation would give an advantage to overcome salinity problems and if the phosphorus (P) concentration can profoundly influenceExpand
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Effect of nitrogen form and nutrient solution pH on growth and mineral composition of self-grafted and grafted tomatoes
Abstract Three greenhouse experiments were carried out to determine the effect of the nitrogen form and the nutrient solution pH on growth, yield, leaf gas exchange, carbohydrate, N-compoundExpand
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The effectiveness of grafting to improve alkalinity tolerance in watermelon
Abstract The aim of the present study was to determine whether grafting could improve alkalinity tolerance of watermelon, and to study the changes induced by the rootstock in the shoot growth atExpand
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Biostimulant action of a plant-derived protein hydrolysate produced through enzymatic hydrolysis
The aim of this study was to evaluate the biostimulant action (hormone like activity, nitrogen uptake, and growth stimulation) of a plant-derived protein hydrolysate by means of two laboratoryExpand
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Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Melon by Grafting
Identification of rootstocks capable of improving the nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) of the scion could reduce N fertilization and nitrate leaching; however, screening different graft combinationsExpand
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