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A dopamine transport inhibitor with markedly low abuse liability suppresses cocaine self-administration in the rat
RationaleN-substituted benztropine analogs are potent dopamine uptake inhibitors that display pharmacokinetic/dynamic properties consistent with the profile of a substitute medication for cocaineExpand
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The Dopamine Uptake Inhibitor 3α-[bis(4′-fluorophenyl)metoxy]-tropane Reduces Cocaine-Induced Early-Gene Expression, Locomotor Activity, and Conditioned Reward
Benztropine (BZT) analogs, a family of high-affinity dopamine transporter ligands, are molecules that exhibit pharmacological and behavioral characteristics predictive of significant therapeuticExpand
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Xanthanolides from Xanthium: absolute configuration of xanthanol, isoxanthanol and their C-4 epimers
Abstract Three new xanthanolides have been isolated from Xanthium spinosum and X. strumarium subsp. italicum , together with other known compounds. The absolute configurations of xanthanol,Expand
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The high affinity dopamine uptake inhibitor, JHW 007, blocks cocaine-induced reward, locomotor stimulation and sensitization
The discovery and evaluation of high affinity dopamine transport inhibitors with low abuse liability is an important step toward the development of efficacious medications for cocaine addiction. WeExpand
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Design and synthesis of pironetin analogue/colchicine hybrids and study of their cytotoxic activity and mechanisms of interaction with tubulin.
We here report the synthesis of a series of 12 hybrid molecules composed of a colchicine moiety and a pironetin analogue fragment. The two fragments are connected through an ester-amide spacer ofExpand
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Design and synthesis of pironetin analogue/combretastatin A-4 hybrids containing a 1,2,3-triazole ring and evaluation of their cytotoxic activity.
We here describe the preparation of a series of hybrid molecules containing a combretastatin A-4 moiety and a pironetin analogue fragment connected through a spacer of variable length which includesExpand
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Synthesis, Leishmanicidal and Cytotoxic Activity of Triclosan-Chalcone, Triclosan-Chromone and Triclosan-Coumarin Hybrids
Twelve hybrids derived from triclosan were obtained via Williamson etherification of O-triclosan alkyl bromide plus chalcone and O-coumarin or O-chromone alkyl bromide plus triclosan, respectively.Expand
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Sesquiterpenes from Centaurea aspera.
The aerial parts of two subspecies of Centaurea aspera L. (Asteraceae) yielded the germacranolides 1a-h, 2, 3, 4 and 5, the elemane derivatives 6d and 6f, the lignan matairesinol, the degradedExpand
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Inhibitory effect of cytotoxic stilbenes related to resveratrol on the expression of the VEGF, hTERT and c-Myc genes.
A group of thirty-nine stilbene derivatives, prepared by means of Heck coupling reactions, has been investigated for their cytotoxicity, as well as for their ability to inhibit the production of theExpand
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Enantioselective synthesis and absolute configurations of aculeatins A, B, D, and 6-epi-aculeatin D
The three naturally occurring, bioactive spiroacetals aculeatins A, B, and D, as well as the non-natural 6-epi-aculeatin D have been synthesized for the first time in enantiopure form using anExpand
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