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Characterization of Pestalotiopsis longisetula and its pathogenicity in strawberry
Isolates of a fungus causing leaf lesions (not yet described in Brazil), were obtained from strawberry (Fragaria X ananassa Duch) 'Camarosa', 'Oso Grande' and 'Sweet Charlie'. The diseased seedlingsExpand
Evaluation in vitro and in vivo of biomimetic hydroxyapatite coated on titanium dental implants
Abstract Among several materials used as dental implants, metals present relatively high tensile strengths. Although metals are biotolerable, they do not adhere to bone tissues. On the other hand,Expand
Effects of hot isostatic pressure on titanium nitride films deposited by physical vapor deposition
Films of titanium nitride deposited by physical vapor deposition on 304 L stainless steel substrates were hot isostatic pressed (HIP) under 150 MPa at 550 °C. To study the effects of this treatmentExpand
Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Osseointegration of Titanium Implants in Rabbits
Alcohol consumption affects bone metabolism by impairing osteoblast proliferation and by increasing osteoclastic activity. The purpose of this study was to evaluate bone formation in alcohol-fedExpand
Tissue response around silicon nitride implants in rabbits.
The chemical and dimensional stability associated with suitable fracture toughness and propitious tribological characteristics make silicon nitride-based ceramics potential candidates for biomedicalExpand
Bone growth around silicon nitride implants—An evaluation by scanning electron microscopy
Silicon nitride has demonstrated to be a potential candidate for clinical applications because it is a non-cytotoxic material and has satisfactory fracture toughness, high wear resistance and lowExpand
Bone healing after the inferior alveolar nerve lateralization: a histologic study in rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus).
PURPOSE The purpose of this article is to evaluate the bone healing around 2 different dental implant surfaces after the lateralization surgery of the inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) during an 8-weekExpand
Histological findings in titanium implants coated with calcium phosphate ceramics installed in rabbit's tibias.
Oral reconstruction using osteointegrated implants are widely indicated nowadays. The implant bone anchorage is very important for its functional stability. Thus, ceramic biomaterials are widely usedExpand
Bone remodeling analysis of various dental implant surfaces using polyfluorochrome sequential labeling in rabbit tibias.
The purpose of this study is to analyze the bone remodeling process after the placement of threaded implants with rough (RBM) and hydroxyapatite coated surfaces (HA) in rabbit tibias usingExpand
Titanium implant osseointegration with calcium pyrophosphate in rabbits.
The objective of this study was to characterize calcium pyrophosphate material, evaluate its in vitro cytotoxicity, and assess its ability to induce bone formation. X-ray diffraction (XRD) was usedExpand