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When Data Sharing Gets Close to 100%: What Human Paleogenetics Can Teach the Open Science Movement
This study analyzes data sharing regarding mitochondrial, Y chromosomal and autosomal polymorphisms in a total of 162 papers on ancient human DNA published between 1988 and 2013. Expand
Perspectives on Open Science and Scientific Data Sharing: An Interdisciplinary Workshop
Looking at Open Science and Open Data from a broad perspective. This is the idea behind "Scientific data sharing: an interdisciplinary workshop", an initiative designed to foster dialogue betweenExpand
Mine, Yours, Ours? Sharing Data on Human Genetic Variation
The achievement of a robust, effective and responsible form of data sharing is currently regarded as a priority for biological and bio-medical research. Empirical evaluations of data sharing may beExpand
Demographic Histories, Isolation and Social Factors as Determinants of the Genetic Structure of Alpine Linguistic Groups
Great European mountain ranges have acted as barriers to gene flow for resident populations since prehistory and have offered a place for the settlement of small, and sometimes culturally diverse,Expand
The ethics of investigating cultural and genetic diversity of minority groups.
The use of genetic information for anthropological purposes requires an effort by the researcher to deal with the ethical issues that may arise. In some cases, these can lead to rather complexExpand
Linguistic, geographic and genetic isolation: a collaborative study of Italian populations.
The animal and plant biodiversity of the Italian territory is known to be one of the richest in the Mediterranean basin and Europe as a whole, but does the genetic diversity of extant humanExpand
Italian isolates today: geographic and linguistic factors shaping human biodiversity.
We briefly review the current status of anthropological and genetic studies of isolated populations and of their micro-evolutionary and biomedical applications, with particular emphasis on EuropeanExpand
Samples and data accessibility in research biobanks: an explorative survey
Biobanks, which contain human biological samples and/or data, provide a crucial contribution to the progress of biomedical research. However, the effective and efficient use of biobank resourcesExpand
Online databases for mtDNA and Y chromosome polymorphisms in human populations.
This study presents an overview of online databases for mtDNA and Y chromosome polymorphisms in human populations and evaluates the state of the art from an evolutionary anthropologist's point of view. Expand
Research data sharing: Lessons from forensic genetics.
Abstract In this study, we present an empirical assessment of the extent and way in which data are shared in forensic genetic papers. The analysis is based on the scrutiny of datasets publishedExpand