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Developmental changes in composition and quality of prickly pear cactus cladodes (nopalitos)
The components which varied most during development of the cladodes were: carotenes, acidity and total carbohydrates which increased, and protein and crude fiber (acid-detergent) which decreased. Expand
Fresh-cut cantaloupe: effects of CaCl2 dips and heat treatments on firmness and metabolic activity
Abstract Calcium chloride (1–5%) dips were applied to melon cylinders taken from commercially ripe (3/4 to full slip) cantaloupe melons for 1–5 min. A wound response was observed after cutting, andExpand
Use of controlled atmospheres and heat treatment to maintain quality of intact and minimally processed green onions
To maintain high quality and to extend the shelf life of intact and minimally processed (removal of roots and compressed stem) green onions (Allium cepaA. fistulosum), the potential benefits ofExpand
Phenylalanine ammonia lyase inhibitors control browning of cut lettuce
Inhibitors of the first enzyme in the phenylpropanoid pathway, phenylalanine ammonia lyase (PAL), were used to investigate the role of phenolic metabolism in browning of lettuce tissue. Excised 4Expand
Cutting Blade Sharpness Affects Appearance and Other Quality Attributes of Fresh‐cut Cantaloupe Melon
Cantaloupe melon pieces (1.8 cm dia 3 3.5 to 4.0 cm cylinders) were prepared using stainless steel borers with sharp or blunt blades, and stored for 12 d in air at 5 8 88 8C. Pieces prepared with theExpand
Quality changes of minimally processed honeydew melons stored in air or controlled atmosphere
Pieces (1835 mm cylinders) were prepared from sanitized fruits of four honeydew melon varieties (Green Flesh, Morning Ice, Rico, RML 2704) harvested at typical commercial maturity. Pieces were storedExpand
Physiological Attributes Related to Quality Attributes and Storage Life of Minimally Processed Lettuce
Ethylene- induced PPO and PAL activities and browning intensity measured 3 to 4 days after harvest consistently and significantly correlated with the final visual quality of the ethylene- treated, minimally processed lettuce after 6 to 10 days of storage. Expand
Iceberg Lettuce Production in California
Author(s): Turini, Thomas; Cahn, Michael; Cantwell, Marita; Jackson, Louise; Koike, Steve; Natwick, Eric; Smith, Richard; Subbarao, Krishna; Takele, Etaferahu | Abstract: Basic information forExpand
Spinach Production in California
Author(s): Koike, Steven T; Cahn, Michael; Cantwell, Marita; Fennimore, Steve; Lestrange, Michelle; Natwick, Eric; Smith, Richard F; Takele, Etaferahu | Abstract: Basic information for commercialExpand