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Motor and gestural performance in children with autism spectrum disorders, developmental coordination disorder, and/or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Motor and gestural skills of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), developmental coordination disorder (DCD), and/or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) were investigated. AExpand
Clumsiness in Adolescence: Educational, Motor, and Social Outcomes of Motor Delay Detected at 5 Years
This paper reports the follow-up at age 15 of a group of children who were diagnosed at age 5 as having delayed motor development. The group of children who were clumsy and the control group stillExpand
Two distinct pathways for developmental coordination disorder: persistence and resolution.
This article describes the perceptual motor, educational and social outcome of early motor delay in a group of 17-18 year old Finnish adolescents who were originally evaluated at age 5. The studyExpand
The Alberta Pregnancy Outcomes and Nutrition (APrON) cohort study: rationale and methods.
The Alberta Pregnancy Outcomes and Nutrition (APrON) study is an ongoing prospective cohort study that recruits pregnant women early in pregnancy and, as of 2012, is following up their infants to 3Expand
Physical fitness and health indices in children, adolescents and adults with high or low motor competence.
The overall purpose of the study was to examine if individuals with low motor competence achieve age-adequate fitness and health. A group of 149 children, adolescents, and adults with low or highExpand
Early motor development and later language and reading skills in children at risk of familial dyslexia
Relationships between early motor development and language and reading skills were studied in 154 children, of whom 75 had familial risk of dyslexia (37 females, 38 males; at‐risk group) and 79Expand
Can attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder be differentiated by motor and balance deficits?
There is an ongoing debate regarding the diagnostic overlap between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Differential diagnosis is importantExpand
Kinaesthetic narratives: Interpretations for children's dance movement therapy process
The present case study was aimed at producing research-based information on developmental dance movement therapy (DMT) in Finland. The hypothesis was that DMT enables non-verbal and verbal expressionExpand
Comorbidity, co-occurrence, continuum: What's in a name?
BACKGROUND Comorbidity, co-occurrence and continuum are three terms used when referring to developmental problems such as Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), but they can be confusing andExpand