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An annotated checklist of the mosses of Europe and Macaronesia
Abstract The moss flora of Europe and Macaronesia comprises 278 genera, 1292 species, 46 subspecies and 118 varieties. Of the total 1292 species, 53 are confined to Macaronesia and 21 are thought toExpand
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Genome Comparison of a Nonpathogenic Myxoma Virus Field Strain with Its Ancestor, the Virulent Lausanne Strain
ABSTRACT One of the best-studied examples of host-virus coevolution is the release of myxoma virus (MV) for biological control of European rabbits in Australia and Europe. To investigate the geneticExpand
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Molecular phylogeny of Pottiaceae (Musci) based on chloroplast rps4 sequence data
Comparative sequencing of the chloroplast rps4 gene was used to reconstruct the phylogenetic relationships within the family Pottiaceae (Musci). The results confirm that Ephemerum spinulosum,Expand
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Hepatics and Anthocerotes of the Mediterranean, an annotated checklist
The names of all hepatics and anthocerotes published to the end of may 2007 in the Mediterranean countries and Bulgaria are compiled in an annotated checklist list. The list comprises accepted namesExpand
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Bryophyte checklist of Northern Africa
Abstract A bryophyte checklist of Northern Africa has been compiled based on the published literature. On the basis of this catalogue 5 hornworts, 171 liverworts and 706 mosses are reported for theExpand
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Contribution to the bryophyte flora of Morocco: the Jbel Toubkal
Abstract The bryophyte flora of the Jbel Toubkal, included in the Toukbal National Park (Morocco), is catalogued. Only 12 bryophytes had been reported previously from this mountain, the highest inExpand
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Reduced susceptibility to bovine spongiform encephalopathy prions in transgenic mice expressing a bovine PrP with five octapeptide repeats.
In this work, transgenic (Tg) mice were generated expressing a bovine prion protein containing five octarepeats (BoPrP(5OR)-Tg). After intracerebral inoculation of bovine spongiform encephalopathyExpand
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Gypsiferous outcrops in SE Spain, refuges of rare, vulnerable and endangered bryophytes and lichens
After studying the bryophyte and lichen flora of the gypsiferous outcrops of SE Spain, it is becoming clear that these sites are important as a refuge for rare, vulnerable and endangered species.Expand
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New Taxonomic Data on a Circum-Tethyan Group of Syntrichia (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta): the S. caninervis Complex
Abstract New taxonomic data are presented from a revision of the Syntrichia caninervis complex. Seven taxa have been recognized, based on morphological characters of about 180 samples. AnExpand
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Tortula and some related genera (Pottiaceae, Musci): phylogenetic relationships based on chloroplast rps4 sequences
Abstract. According to chloroplast rps4 sequence data the genus Syntrichia forms a monophyletic clade clearly separated from Tortula, while Pottia is shown to be polyphyletic and the RhynchostegiaeExpand
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