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River flood forecasting with a neural network model
A neural network model was developed to analyze and forecast the behavior of the river Tagliamento, in Italy, during heavy rain periods. The model makes use of distributed rainfall information comingExpand
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Artificial neural network approach to flood forecasting in the River Arno
Abstract The basin of the River Arno is a flood-prone area where flooding events have caused damage valued at more than 100 billion euro in the last 40 years. At present, the occurrence of an eventExpand
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Water quality control in the river Arno.
In this work, we analyzed pollution in the river Arno using a non-steady advection-dispersion-reaction equation (ADRE) calibrated on experimental data. We examined the influence different pollutionExpand
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Fluid Dynamic Efficiency and Scale-up of a Retreated Blade Impeller CSTR
Numerical simulations are used to characterize the fluid dynamic behavior of an industrial-size reactor. First, we focused on an experimental replica (∼440:1 volume ratio) of the full-scale reactorExpand
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Direct numerical simulation of turbulent particle dispersion in an unbaffled stirred-tank reactor
Turbulent dispersion of inertial particles in a flat-bottom stirred-tank reactor equipped with an eight-blade Rushton impeller is investigated using accurate numerical techniques (Verzicco et al.,Expand
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Appraisal of Fluid Dynamic Efficiency of Retreated-Blade and Turbofoil Impellers in Industrial-Size CSTRs
In this work, we examine the performances of two different impellers produced for glass-lined industrial vessel installations. Starting from an experimental evaluation of the power number−ReynoldsExpand
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The pollution in the river Arno downstream of the city of Florence is a severe environmental problem during low-flow periods when the river flow rate is insufficient to support the natural wasteExpand
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Turbulent Drag Reduction by Biopolymers in Large Scale Pipes
In this work, we describe drag reduction experiments performed in a large diameter pipe (i.d. 100 mm) using a semirigid biopolymer Xanthan Gum (XG). The objective is to build a self-consistent dataExpand
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Phase discrimination and object fitting to measure fibers distribution and orientation in turbulent pipe flows
In this work, a methodology based on the analysis of single-camera, double-pulse PIV images is described and validated as a tool to characterize fiber-dispersed turbulent flows in large-scaleExpand
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Modelling soot deposition and monolith regeneration for optimal design of automotive DPFs
Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are extruded monoliths comprising many square channels. The material of the monolith, and the size and shape of channels require optimization to guarantee bestExpand
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