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Latin America's Left Turns: beyond good and bad
Abstract In rapid succession leftwing parties have been elected to government in some of the most important countries in the Latin American region. I challenge the view that there are two distinctExpand
Latin America's Left Turns: an introduction
Abstract In the wake of a series of electoral victories, often dubbed a ‘pink tide’ by the media, there has seldom been a moment more propitious for the diverse parties, movements and leaders of theExpand
Democracy without Parties? Political Parties and Regime Change in Fujimori's Peru
Abstract Political parties are critical to Latin American democracy. This was demonstrated in Peru, where an atomized, candidate-centered party system developed after Alberto Fujimori's 1992Expand
To walk without fear: the global movement to ban landmines
Preface. Contributors. Abbreviations. 1: Maxwell A. Cameron, Robert J. Lawson, and Brian W. Tomlin: To Walk Without Fear. Part One: The Global Movement for a Ban. 2: Jody Williams and Stephen Goose:Expand
Latin America's left turns : politics, policies, and trajectories of change
This accessible, up-to-date look at Latin American politics explores how--and to what effect--diverse forces on the left have not only captured the imagination of vast swathes of the continent'sExpand
Democracy and Authoritarianism in Peru: Political Coalitions and Social Change
Acknowledgements - Introduction - Between Democracy and Authoritarianism in Peru - The Social Bases of Shifting Coalitions - The Evolving Social Bases of Party Competition - The Center, Populism, andExpand
Federalism and the Subnational Separation of Powers
Most of the literature on federalism has emphasized the relationship between national and subnational governments but overlooked the organization of subnational powers. Likewise, the debate on theExpand
Political Parties and the Worker-Employer Cleavage: the Impact of the Informal Sector on Voting in Lima, Peru
A major victim of the growth of the informal sector during the 1980s in Peru was the party system that had been organised around the class cleavage since the late- 1970s. The growth of the informalExpand
New Institutions for Participatory Democracy in Latin America: Voice and Consequence
1. Voice and Consequence: Direct Participation and Democracy in Latin America Maxwell A. Cameron, Eric Hershberg and Kenneth E. Sharpe 2. We're Either Burned or Frozen Out:' Society and Party SystemsExpand