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Phylogeny and biogeography of exacum (gentianaceae): a disjunctive distribution in the Indian ocean basin resulted from long distance dispersal and extensive radiation.
Disjunctive distributions across paleotropical regions in the Indian Ocean Basin (IOB) often invoke dispersal/vicariance debates. Exacum (Gentianaceae, tribe Exaceae) species are spread around theExpand
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Plastid and nuclear DNA markers reveal intricate relationships at subfamilial and tribal levels in the soapberry family (Sapindaceae).
The economically important soapberry family (Sapindaceae) comprises about 1900 species mainly found in the tropical regions of the world, with only a few genera being restricted to temperate areas.Expand
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Spatio‐temporal history of the endemic genera of Madagascar
Madagascar is renowned for its unparalleled species richness and levels of endemism, which have led, in combination with species extinction caused by an unprecedented rate of anthropogenicExpand
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Phylogeny and circumscription of Sapindaceae revisited: molecular sequence data, morphology and biogeography support recognition of a new family, Xanthoceraceae.
Background and aims Recent studies have adopted a broad definition of Sapindaceae that includes taxa traditionally placed in Aceraceae and Hippocastanaceae, achieving monophyly but yielding a familyExpand
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The endemic and non-endemic vascular flora of Madagascar updated
Background and aims - The Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of Madagascar project aims to evaluate and enumerate the native and naturalized vascular plant flora of Madagascar. In light of the past twoExpand
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Antiproliferative Compounds from Cleistanthus boivinianus from the Madagascar Dry Forest1
The two new lignans 3α-O-(β-d-glucopyranosyl)desoxypodophyllotoxin (1) and 4-O-(β-d-glucopyranosyl)dehydropodophyllotoxin (2) were isolated from Cleistanthus boivinianus, together with the knownExpand
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Recognition of Martellidendron, a new genus of Pandanaceae, and its biogeographic implications
Pandanaceae are an ancient family of dioecious monocots dating from the early to mid-Cretaceous, and comprising three extant genera Sararanga, Freycinetia and Pandanus. We present a cladisticExpand
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Phylogenetic inference of New Caledonian lineages of Sapindaceae: Molecular evidence requires a reassessment of generic circumscriptions
Sapindaceae (Sapindales) are a conspicuous and diversified element of the New Caledonian flora, with ca. 67 species (ca. 90 % endemic) in 13 genera (four endemic: Gongrodiscus, Loxodiscus,Expand
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Arundo Micrantha Lam. (Poaceae), the Correct Name for Arundo Mauritanica Desf. and Arundo Mediterranea Danin
Abstract Hardion, L., R. Verlaque, M. W. Callmander & B. Vila (2012). Arundo micrantha Lam. (Poaceae), the correct name for Arundo mauritanica Desf. and Arundo mediterranea Danin. Candollea 67:Expand
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