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Nonlinear piezoelectric resonance: A theoretically rigorous approach to constant I−V measurements
Methods for piezoelectric characterization include the standard resonance test. At higher powers, however, the material’s inherent nonlinearity acts to significantly affect the expected resonanceExpand
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Characterisation of PZT thin film micro-actuators using a silicon micro-force sensor.
Abstract This paper reports on the measurements of displacement and blocking force of piezoelectric micro-cantilevers. The free displacement was studied using a surface profiler and a laserExpand
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Optimisation of interdigitated electrodes for piezoelectric actuators and active fibre composites
The optimisation of the interdigitated electrode (IDE) design for active fibre composites was performed using finite element analysis. The effect of the IDE geometry (electrode width and spacing) andExpand
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Modeling and measurement of piezoelectric fibers and interdigitaded electrodes for the optimization of piezofibre composites
Commercially available PZT-5A composition fibres fabricated using four production methods were incorporated into 1-3 composites with fibre volume fractions ranging from 0.02 to 0.72. Measurements ofExpand
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Effective elastic properties for unpoled barium titanate
Piezoelectric devices with complex electrode geometries may contain regions of ferroelectric material that remain unpoled. It is desirable to account for these non-piezoelectric regions for deviceExpand
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Verified finite element simulation of multiferroic structures: Solutions for conducting and insulating systems
Composite multiferroics are an exciting class of engineered materials with a wide range of existing and potential applications. This paper describes an original finite element (FE) simulation forExpand
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Ferroelectric Hysteresis Measurement & Analysis
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Dynamic properties of AFM cantilevers and the calibration of their spring constants
A hybrid method is introduced for the calibration of the spring constants of atomic force microscopy cantilevers. It is based on the minimization of the difference between the modelled andExpand
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Measurement techniques for piezoelectric nanogenerators
Electromechanical energy harvesting converts mechanical energy from the environment, such as vibration or human activity, into electrical energy that can be used to power a low power electronicExpand
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Thermally activated switching kinetics in second-order phase transition ferroelectrics
The understanding of electric polarization dynamics is a complex problem of critical importance for both fundamental studies of ferroelectric materials and their applications to nonvolatile memories.Expand
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