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Taenia crassiceps: energetic and respiratory metabolism from cysticerci exposed to praziquantel and albendazole in vitro.
Concentrations of glucose remained unaltered confirming blockage of its uptake, and the anti-helminthic drugs decreased the excretion of lactate and induced aerobic energy pathways. Expand
Wound Healing and Anti-Inflammatory Effect in Animal Models of Calendula officinalis L. Growing in Brazil
This experimental study revealed that C. officinalis presented anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activities as well as angiogenic and fibroplastic properties acting in a positive way on the inflammatory and proliferative phases of the healing process. Expand
Anti-inflammatory effect of low-intensity laser on the healing of third-degree burn wounds in rats
It is concluded that the AlGaInP laser used in dosages of 3 and 6 J/cm2 favors the healing of third-degree burn wounds induced in rats. Expand
Epidemiological factors associated with seropositivity for toxoplasmosis in pregnant women from Gurupi, State of Tocantins, Brazil.
The high prevalence rates of toxoplasmosis in Gurupi are related to age, raw meat and in natura milk intake, as well as education level, working outside the home, and poor hygienic habits during meal preparation. Expand
Nitazoxanide induces in vitro metabolic acidosis in Taenia crassiceps cysticerci.
It was possible to infer that the metabolic acidosis was greater in the group treated with NTZ than in the ABZSO treated group indicating that this is one of the modes of action used by this drug to induce the parasite death. Expand
Morphological alterations and growth inhibition of Leishmania (L.)amazonensis promastigotes exposed to zidovudine (AZT)
Analysis of in vitro morphologic alterations and morphometry alterations of Leishmania (L.) amazonensis promastigotes exposed to zidovudine at several concentrations indicates the toxicity of AZT which prevents the parasite's multiplication. Expand
Emerging Chagas Disease
Taenia crassiceps organic acids detected in cysticerci.
The results indicate the aerobic metabolism in vivo in spite of the low oxygen concentration of its habitat, and also indicate the presence of fatty acid oxidation as an alternative energetic source. Expand
Prevalence of toxoplasmosis in pregnant women and vertical transmission of Toxoplasma gondii in patients from basic units of health from Gurupi, Tocantins, Brazil, from 2012 to 2014
The results show an elevated prevalence of toxoplasmosis in pregnant women and vertical transmission of T. gondii in the city of Gurupi, state of Tocantins, Brazil. Expand
Taenia crassiceps: fatty acids oxidation and alternative energy source in in vitro cysticerci exposed to anthelminthic drugs.
Urea excretion is highlighted, which is an important metabolic pathway to excrete toxic products such as ammonia, and the fatty acid oxidation as an alternative energy source in cysticerci exposed to anthelmintic drugs. Expand