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Turkey's Accession to the European Union in terms of impact on the EU's security and defense policies: potential and drawbacks
This study explores the impact of Turkey's likely entry in the European Union (EU) in terms of the EU's foreign, security and defense policies. It reviews Turkish capabilities, namely its militaryExpand
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U.S. policy towards the Islamist movements in the Middle East : with special reference to the cases of Egypt and Jordan
Political Islam has been at the centre of Middle East politics since the late 1960s and has since then changed the face of Muslim societies and namely of the political game. With the demise ofExpand
Some US concerns regarding Islamist and Middle Eastern terrorism
According to American intelligence and security assessments, the Middle East is the major source of state‐sponsored international terrorism. The perceived threat of Iran as a leading supporter ofExpand
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European and American responses to the algerian crisis
Until the recent massacres, the attitude of the international community towards the Algerian conflict has been one of passivity and silence. The European Union (EU) has remained a spectator to theExpand
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A Small State's Search for Relevance: Peace Missions as Foreign Policy
During the cold war period, Portugal was largely absent from participation in United Nations Peacekeeping operations (UNPKO). However, since the end of the cold war, Portugal has reviewed itsExpand
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An evaluation of the jihadist threat in Portugal
This article defends the position that Portugal has not become a priority target for international Islamic terrorism. Although not a high profile political target, since 2001 there has been anExpand
Political Islam and the United States: A Study of U.S. Policy Towards Islamist Movements in the Middle East
The political Islam debate in the United States has become on eof the most controversial in academic circles. In this book Dr Pinto depicts the two major schools of thought on political Islam thatExpand
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Portugal's Intelligence Evolution in the Post-9/11 World
Two events have stepped up efforts by Portuguese authorities to cope with the terrorist threat: the 11 September 2001 (9=11) attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C., and, especially, the MarchExpand
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