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Phylogenetic analysis of Saccharum s.l. (Poaceae; Andropogoneae), with emphasis on the circumscription of the South American species.
PREMISE OF THE STUDY Polyploidy and reticulate evolution are often a complication for discovering phylogenetic relationships between genera and species. Despite the huge economic importance ofExpand
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Multilocus phylogeny and phylogenomics of Eriochrysis P. Beauv. (Poaceae-Andropogoneae): Taxonomic implications and evidence of interspecific hybridization.
Species delimitation is a vital issue concerning evolutionary biology and conservation of biodiversity. However, it is a challenging task for several reasons, including the low interspeciesExpand
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Revisión Taxonómica de las Especies del Género Schizachyrium (Poaceae: Andropogoneae) de Sudamérica
Abstract Peichoto, M. C. (2010). Taxonomical revision of the species of the genus Schizachyrium Nees (Poaceae: Andropogoneae) of South America. Candollea 65: 301–346. In Spanish, English and FrenchExpand
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This paper presents the comparative analysis of the seed morphology and stem structure of 12 species of Justicia Housl. ex L. from the northeastern of Argentina. Even though these species belong toExpand
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Schizachyrium hatschbachii  Peichoto is cited for the first time for the Argentinian flora. Some ecological observations and the key to differentiate it from related species are included
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A new species of Schizachyrium (Poaceae‐Andropogoneae) from Brazil
A new Brazilian species, Schizachyrium hatschbachii Peichoto, is described and illustrated. It is restricted to southern Brazil, where it grows in grasslands. Diagnostic characters, description,Expand
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Synflorescences of species related to Schizachyrium condensatum (Poaceae)
The synflorescences of species related to Schizachyrium condensatum are typologically characterized. This species presents floriferous shoots with complex systems of ramification. In all species theExpand
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Chromosome number and ploidy level of some South American species of Schizachyrium (Poaceae, Andropogoneae)
Chromosome numbers are reported here for 53 accessions belonging to 13 taxa of the genus Schizachyrium. The chromosome counts for the following seven species are recorded here for the first time: S.Expand
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Morphometric analysis of Schizachyrium condensatum (Poaceae) and related species
Our aim was to assess the degree of morphological differentiation of a group of taxa of Schizachyrium Nees, which presents similar inflorescences and shares habitat and geographic areas:Expand
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