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The Military Revolution in Russia, 1550-1682
Much has been written about the Military Revolution, a series of changes in tactics and strategy, the scale of warfare, and the impact of warfare on society in the late sixteenth century and theExpand
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A comparison of the opinions of experts and readers as to what topics a general medical journal (JAMA) should address.
CONTEXT Journal editors are responsible to many publics, and their choices of articles to publish are a frequent source of dispute. OBJECTIVE To assess the extent of agreement between topicsExpand
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Women generating narratives after an unwanted prenatal diagnosis result: randomized controlled trial
We have defined a psychological intervention based on cognitive narrative therapy and the Ottawa decision framework to reduce adjustment problems following a termination of pregnancy (TOP) after aExpand
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Dimensions of tribal movements in India
In terms of economy, forms of property ownership, mode of production relations, ecological setting, geographical spread, language, association with forests, style of life, love for freedom andExpand
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Episcopal Election in Novgorod, Russia 1156–1478
  • M. C. Paul
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  • 1 June 2003
Episcopal election in Western Christianity evolved considerably over the course of the fifth to the twelfth centuries. In the early part of this period, an open electorate consisting of the clergyExpand
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Continuity and Change in the Novgorodian Archiepiscopal Office, 1478-1589
After annexing Novgorod in 1478, Moscow sought to bring the practices of the church in Novgorod more into line with Muscovite practices; this was not a smooth process and the NovgorodianExpand
Secular Power and the Archbishops of Novgorod before the Muscovite Conquest
Novgorod the Great was one of medieval Europe's preeminent cities. It stood apart from the other cities and towns of medieval Rus' because of its "special political order and the de facto autonomy ofExpand