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The vermetidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) of the Hawaiian Islands
The Hawaiian vermetid fauna comprises 8 species, 7 of which are here described as new. The generic distribution includes 5 species of Dendropoma and 1 each of Petaloconchus, Vermetus and Serpulorbis.Expand
Asymmetrical dimethylarginine plasma clearance persists after acute total nephrectomy in rats.
It is concluded that renal excretory function is needed for SDMA elimination but not needed for acute, short-term ADMA elimination in that systemic hydrolysis is fully capable of clearing plasma ADMA. Expand
Polychaetes of Truncated Reef Limestone Substrates on Eastern Indian Ocean Coral Reefs: Diversity, Abundance, and Taxonomy
This study provides the first evaluation of abundance and diversity of polychaete annelid assemblages of coral reefs. Quantitative analyses of the polychaete fauna of truncated coral reef limestoneExpand
Marine Polychaete Annelids of Easter Island
This study increases the number of species of marine polychaete annelids known to occur at Easter Island from 11 to 60, of which 43 are identified to species. Nearly 90% of these occur in theExpand
Enhanced vascular responsiveness to Bay K 8644 in mineralocorticoid- and N-nitro arginine-induced hypertension.
Data indicate that both DOCA and salt intake can independently influence responsiveness to Bay K 8644, and test the hypothesis that increased L-type calcium channel activity in vasculature is a hallmark or general characteristic of hypertension. Expand
Functional differences of six forms of renin in rats.
Evidence is presented that functional differences exist between renin forms and that infusion of converting enzyme inhibitor completely blocked the BP response, but also prevented the natriuresis and diuresis in rats anesthetized with pentobarbital sodium or Inactin. Expand
Functional relevance of the microheterogeneity of active renin.
The hypothesis that there are functional differences among the different renin forms is supported, based on their isoelectric points, as well as the data presented, which support this hypothesis. Expand
Long-term effects of brief antihypertensive treatment on systolic blood pressure and vascular reactivity in young genetically hypertensive rats
The hypothesis that blood pressure and sensitivity to PE but not contractile responsiveness to AII in adult SHRSP are determined by an AII-sensitive mechanism during development is supported. Expand
Comparison of an Active and a Passive Age-0 Fish Sampling Gear in a Tropical Reservoir
Age-0 fish sampling is an important tool for predicting recruitment success and year-class strength of cohorts in fish populations. In Puerto Rico, limited research has been conducted on age-0 fishExpand