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Ruminal bacterial community changes during adaptation of goats to fresh alfalfa forage
Abstract Using culture-independent molecular approaches, we studied the bacterial population changes in the rumen of goats abruptly converted from alfalfa hay to fresh alfalfa diet. Administration ofExpand
Detection of fibacteria in the forestomach contents of llamas (Lama glama) by PCR
The high fi brolytic activity and large biomass of strictly-anaerobic bacteria that inhabit the rumen makes them primarily responsible for the degradation of the forage consumed by ruminants. LlamasExpand
Microbial populations and ruminal fermentation of sheep and llamas fed low quality forages
Abstract The objective of this study was to assess the ruminal microbial population and fermentation of sheep and llamas fed low quality forages. Two llamas and three sheep with permanent ruminalExpand
Ciliate protozoa of the forestomach of llamas (Lama glama) from locations at different altitude in Argentina.
This study describes the diversity and concentration of the protozoal population from the forestomach of llamas in Argentina at three altitudinal locations. Protozoal diversity was studied in samplesExpand