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The fine-tuning argument: the Bayesian version
This paper considers the Bayesian form of the fine-tuning argument as advanced by Richard Swinburne. An expository section aims to identify the precise character of the argument, and three lines ofExpand
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The fine-tuning argument
A frequent objection to the fine-tuning argument has been that although certain necessary conditions for life were admittedly exceedingly improbable, still, the many possible alternative sets ofExpand
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Matthew: Poet, Historian, Dialectician
Matthew: Poet, Historian, Dialectician offers a thorough and systematic display of the logic by which Matthew traces and defends the transformation of Judaism into Christianity. The presentExpand
Calculating long-run impacts of social programs with staggered implementation
When measuring the causal impacts of policy interventions, evaluators often contrast samples with and without an intervention tracked longitudinally for multiple periods. Expand
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