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Regulation of protein synthesis by estradiol-17β in cultured hepatocytes
Abstract Estradiol-17β added to cultured chick embryo hepatocytes induced the appearance in the medium of a phosphoprotein, identified as phosvitin on the basis of: (i) its behaviour on ionicExpand
Open versus closed recensions (Pasquali): Pros and cons of some methods for computer-assisted stemmatology
Not all the methods provide results which can be considered reliable in light of the evidence offered by a thorough scrutiny of the documentary history of the texts under inspection, and the majority of computer-assisted methods succeed in providing very good information for detecting the grouping of witnesses, as well as for a preliminary evaluation of their variant readings. Expand
Handbook of Stemmatology
Stemmatology studies aspects of textual criticism that use genealogical methods to analyse a set of copies of a text whose autograph has been lost. This handbook is the first to cover the entireExpand