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Romantics, Rebels and Reactionaries: English Literature and Its Background, 1760-1830
The Age of Revolutions and its aftermath is unparalleled in English literature. Its poets include Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley, and Keats; its novelists, Jane Austen and Scott. ButExpand
Jane Austen and the War of Ideas
Interest in Jane Austen has never been greater, but it is revitalized by the advent of feminist literary history. In a substantial new introduction Marilyn Butler places this book, which was firstExpand
Integrating Writing Instruction with Word Processing
The job candidates are invariably caught short, computers do not save time except with students needing extra practice drill, and there is no empirical evidence that having students use computers improves their writing. Expand
The Persuasive Use of Numerical Data in Influential Business Periodicals
purpose determine how numbers are used? Statisticians claim that surveys, statistics, and the scientific method have changed the way we interpret the world and present ideas to policy makersExpand
Festival of Voices - Gospel Concert
The Festival of Voices is a collaborative venture between the Tasmanian State Government (Events and Tourism Tasmania), the Festival of Voices (Board) and UTAs Conservatorium. A multi platformExpand
Byron and the Empire in the East
Byron’s 200th birthday on 28 January 1988 was dutifully celebrated in the quality media. It must have been either bad form or too troublesome to tackle the real problem he represents, as anExpand