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Prioritizing Climate Change Adaptation Needs for Food Security in 2030
Results indicate South Asia and Southern Africa as two regions that, without sufficient adaptation measures, will likely suffer negative impacts on several crops that are important to large food-insecure human populations. Expand
Global non-linear effect of temperature on economic production
Overall economic productivity is non-linear in temperature for all countries, with productivity peaking at an annual average temperature of 13 °C and declining strongly at higher temperatures, which provides the first evidence that economic activity in all regions is coupled to the global climate. Expand
Warming increases the risk of civil war in Africa
A first comprehensive examination of the potential impact of global climate change on armed conflict in sub-Saharan Africa finds strong historical linkages between civil war and temperature, with warmer years leading to significant increases in the likelihood of war. Expand
Combining satellite imagery and machine learning to predict poverty
This work shows how a convolutional neural network can be trained to identify image features that can explain up to 75% of the variation in local-level economic outcomes, and could transform efforts to track and target poverty in developing countries. Expand
Quantifying the Influence of Climate on Human Conflict
There is more agreement across studies regarding the influence of climate on human conflict than has been recognized previously and warmer temperatures or extremes of rainfall can be causally associated with changes in interpersonal violence and in civil war. Expand
On the use of statistical models to predict crop yield responses to climate change
Predicting the potential effects of climate change on crop yields requires a model of how crops respond to weather. As predictions from different models often disagree, understanding the sources ofExpand
Adaptation to Climate Change: Evidence from US Agriculture
Understanding the potential impacts of climate change on economic outcomes requires knowing how agents might adapt to a changing climate. We exploit large variation in recent temperature andExpand
Climate and Conflict
We review the emerging literature on climate and conflict. We consider multiple types of human conflict, including both interpersonal conflict, such as assault and murder, and intergroup conflict,Expand
The poverty implications of climate-induced crop yield changes by 2030
Accumulating evidence suggests that agricultural production could be greatly affected by climate change, but there remains little quantitative understanding of how these agricultural impacts wouldExpand
▪ Abstract With continued human pressure on marine fisheries and ocean resources, aquaculture has become one of the most promising avenues for increasing marine fish production in the future. ThisExpand