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Warm-Cool Feeling Relative to Tribological Properties of Fabrics
When the human hand touches a garment that is at a different temperature than the skin, heat exchange occurs between the hand and the fabric, and the warm-cool feeling is the very first sensation.Expand
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Influence of short and long term aging on chemical, microstructural and macro-mechanical properties of recycled asphalt mixtures
Abstract Recycled road materials produced with similar properties to virgin materials are a necessary means for environmentally friendly and sustainable asphalt pavements. In this project, a SwissExpand
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Analysis of current running sock structures with regard to blister prevention
In this paper, in-shoe blister formation during running is analyzed and possibilities to reduce these cutaneous lesions by appropriate sock properties are discussed. Six types of cotton-made athleticExpand
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Fixed-Order $H_{\infty}$ Tension Control in the Unwinding Section of a Web Handling System Using a Pendulum Dancer
Flexible materials such as textiles, papers, polymers, and metals are transported on rollers during their processing. Expand
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Mechanical Discrimination of Hairy Fabrics from Neurosensorial Criteria
Fabrics with more and more elaborate tactile properties are available on the textile market. However the specifications of the textile products do not feature their touch because this can not beExpand
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Relation between human perceived friction and finger friction characteristics
The topic of this paper concerns the relation between friction perception and finger friction behaviour. Two experiments were processed for some 20 individuals. The aim of the first experiment was toExpand
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The effect of body postures on the distribution of air gap thickness and contact area
The heat and mass transfer in clothing is predominantly dependent on the thickness of air layer and the magnitude of contact area between the body and the garment. The air gap thickness and magnitudeExpand
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Effect of Crumb Rubber Bituminous Mixes on Functional Characteristics of Road Pavements
The Road Research Laboratory of Spain's Technical University of Catalonia has conducted a study to determine the effects of adding crumb rubber on the functional characteristics of gap-gradedExpand
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Physical and Perceptual Independence of Ultrasonic Vibration and Electrovibration for Friction Modulation
This paper will highlight the independence of the two effects on the physical and perceptual point of view to confirm the increased range of sensation and stimulation that can be supplied by the two coupled techniques to the users. Expand
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Influence of physico-chemical, mechanical and morphological fingerpad properties on the frictional distinction of sticky/slippery surfaces
This study investigates how the fingerpad hydrolipid film, shape, roughness and rigidity influence the friction when it rubs surfaces situated in the slippery psychophysical dimension. The studiedExpand
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