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Probing the coupling between proton and electron transfer in photosystem II core complexes containing a 3-fluorotyrosine.
The catalytic cycle of numerous enzymes involves the coupling between proton transfer and electron transfer. Yet, the understanding of this coordinated transfer in biological systems remains limited,Expand
Tunable magnetic exchange interactions in manganese-doped inverted core-shell ZnSe-CdSe nanocrystals.
Magnetic doping of semiconductor nanostructures is actively pursued for applications in magnetic memory and spin-based electronics. Central to these efforts is a drive to control the interactionExpand
Azacrown ether-copper(ii)-hexanoate complexes. From monomer to 1-D metal organic polymer.
The synthesis and characterisation of two new Cu(ii)-hexanoate-azacrown ether species are described. The first monomeric complex is a "classical" macrocyclic Cu(ii) complex with two monodentateExpand
Addition of H2 to distannynes under ambient conditions.
Dihydrogen reacts directly with a range of distannynes at ca. 25 degrees C under one atmosphere pressure to afford symmetric hydrogen bridged or unsymmetric stannylstannane products in high yield.
Multifrequency pulsed EPR studies of biologically relevant manganese(II) complexes
Electron paramagnetic resonance studies at multiple frequencies (MF EPR) can provide detailed electronic structure descriptions of unpaired electrons in organic radicals, inorganic complexes, andExpand
Synthesis and characterization of quasi-two-coordinate transition metal dithiolates M(SAr*)2 (M = Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Zn; Ar* = C6H3-2,6(C6H2-2,4,6-Pri3)2.
A sequence of first row transition metal(II) dithiolates M(SAr)(2) (M = Cr(1), Mn(2), Fe(3), Co(4), Ni(5) and Zn(6); Ar = C(6)H(3)-2,6-(C(6)H(2)-2,4,6-Pr(i)(3))(2)) has been synthesized andExpand
Synthesis, structural characterization, and spectroscopy of the cadmium-cadmium bonded molecular species Ar'CdCdAr' (Ar' = C6H3-2,6-(C6H3-2,6-Pri2)2).
The synthesis and first structural characterization of a cadmium-cadmium bonded molecular compound Ar'CdCdAr' (Ar' = C6H3-2,6-(C6H3-2,6-Pri2)2) are reported. The existence of the Cd-Cd bond wasExpand
A FTIR study of ion-solvent interactions in N,N-dimethylacetamide
Abstract FTIR spectroscopy has been used to study ion solvation in electrolyte solutions in N,N-dimethylacetamide (DMA). Principal component analysis was used to analyze the dependence of absorptionExpand
Synthesis of a Stable Compound with Fivefold Bonding Between Two Chromium(I) Centers
Although in principle transition metals can form bonds with six shared electron pairs, only quadruply bonded compounds can be isolated as stable species at room temperature. Here we show that theExpand