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Benefits of thermal acclimation in a tropical aquatic ectotherm, the Arafura filesnake, Acrochordus arafurae
This study established that A. arafurae is capable of thermal acclimation and this confers a benefit to the diving abilities of this snake, and warm-acclimated animals increased maximum and modal dive duration, demonstrating a longer dive duration capacity. Expand
Testing the relevance of binary, mosaic and continuous landscape conceptualisations to reptiles in regenerating dryland landscapes
ContextFauna distributions are assessed using discrete (binary and mosaic) or continuous conceptualisations of the landscape. The value of the information derived from these analyses depends on theExpand
The relative importance of habitat quality and landscape context for reptiles in regenerating landscapes
Abstract Restoration activities are limited by funding and logistics. To optimise restoration efforts, we need to evaluate the effects of management actions on wildlife populations. In general,Expand
Sharper eyes see shyer lizards: collaboration with indigenous peoples can alter the outcomes of conservation research
Funding information Australian Research Council, Grant/Award Number: LP100100740; The National Environmental Research Program Abstract Our ecological studies on large varanid lizards in a remoteExpand
Arboreality, excavation, and active foraging: novel observations of radiotracked woma pythons Aspidites ramsayi
Novel wild behaviours were observed during a 21 month intensive radiotracking study of the woma python Aspidites ramsayi in south-western Queensland, Australia, which greatly enhance the behavioural and ecological understanding of this large, yet elusive python. Expand
Regrowth woodlands are valuable habitat for reptile communities
It is concluded that although remnant woodlands are irreplaceable, regrowth woodlands provide valuable habitat for reptile communities and the protection of such regrowth should be a high priority in disturbed subtropical woodland systems. Expand
The importance of underground shelter resources for reptiles in dryland landscapes: A woma python case study
For effective fauna conservation and management, ecologists are required to identify the resources that are critical for species to survive, and consider how these are distributed across landscapes.Expand
A clear case for regrowth
Reptiles in the regrowth