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Heat Shock Proteins 27 and 70: Anti-Apoptotic Proteins with Tumorigenic Properties
Heat shock proteins (HSP) HSP27 and HSP70 are expressed in response to a wide variety of physiological and environmental insults including anticancer chemotherapy, thus allowing the cell to surviveExpand
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Mechanisms of cytochrome c release from mitochondria
In healthy cells, cytochrome c (Cyt c) is located in the mitochondrial intermembrane/intercristae spaces, where it functions as an electron shuttle in the respiratory chain and interacts withExpand
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Intracellular and extracellular functions of heat shock proteins: repercussions in cancer therapy
Stress or heat shock proteins (HSPs) are the most conserved proteins present in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Their expression is induced in response to a wide variety of physiological andExpand
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Heat shock proteins: essential proteins for apoptosis regulation
•  Introduction •  Main HSPs •  HSPs, cell signalling and apoptosis ‐  HSPs’targets in upstream signalling pathways ‐  HSPs’targets at the mitochondrial level ‐  HSPs’targets at theExpand
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Granzymes in cancer and immunity
Cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) and natural killer (NK) cells are indispensable factors in the body's ongoing defence against viral infection and tumor development. CTL/NK cells recognize and killExpand
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An ERK-dependent pathway to Noxa expression regulates apoptosis by platinum-based chemotherapeutic drugs
Cisplatin is a widely used cancer chemotherapeutic that promotes DNA damage-associated apoptosis. Although platinum compounds are known to form DNA adducts and provoke DNA damage, the molecularExpand
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Anti-cancer therapeutic approaches based on intracellular and extracellular heat shock proteins.
Stress or heat shock proteins (Hsps) Hsp90, Hsp70 and Hsp27 are chaperones that assist the proteins in their folding, stability, assembly into multi-protein complexes and transport across cellularExpand
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Small heat shock proteins HSP27 and alphaB-crystallin: cytoprotective and oncogenic functions.
Heat shock protein-27 (HSP27) and alphaB-crystallin are ubiquitous small heat shock proteins whose expression is induced in response to a wide variety of physiological and environmental insults. TheyExpand
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Immunohistochemical and virological study of skin in the papular‐purpuric gloves and socks syndrome
Summary The pathogenesis of viral exanthems remains unclear. We have undertaken an immunohistochemical study of lesional skin biopsies in patients with the papular‐purpuric gloves and socks syndromeExpand
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HSP27 favors ubiquitination and proteasomal degradation of p27Kip1 and helps S‐phase re‐entry in stressed cells
Stress‐inducible HSP27 protects cells from death through various mechanisms. We have recently demonstrated that HSP27 can also enhance the degradation of some proteins through the proteasomalExpand
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