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Carnivalesque Protest and the Humorless State
Despite the long and generally humorless history of statecraft, institutional forms of oppression have periodically been defeated, transformed, or at least temporarily checked by carnivalesque formsExpand
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Taming `wild' capitalism
As a fundamental premise in the rhetoric of free trade, the equation of free markets and democracy was particularly evident in Russia's transformation from a centralized economy to a market economy.Expand
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Rhetorical Theory and the Critique of National Identity Construction
A striking feature of scholarship on national identity is the relative absence of rhetorical theory, or theory related to the persuasive dimensions of discourse, especially given the fact thatExpand
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Strategies of Remembrance: The Rhetorical Dimensions of National Identity Construction
An analysis of how public arguments centered on "the people" contribute to the complex process of nation building; At a time when national identity is a potent political force, Strategies ofExpand
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Global Governance and the Critical Public
The last great social movement of the twentieth century was the anti-corporate globalization movement, whose primary goal was to democratize international government organizations by opening up theirExpand
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Global constitutionalism and the arguments over free trade
In one of the most dramatic public demonstrations since the end of the Vietnam War, more than 40,000 citizens filled the streets of Seattle, Washington in the closing weeks of the twentieth centuryExpand
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Producing Identities: Gender Problematization and Feminist Argumentation.
Feminist argumentation studies have frequently been limited in significant ways because of tendencies to reify gender stereotypes. There is a propensity in many rhetorical studies devoted toExpand
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The State of Youth Homelessness in Southern Nevada
In this paper we explore data and research that assesses the state of youth homelessness in Southern Nevada. The picture is a disquieting one where the rate of children becoming homeless isExpand
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Mechanistic variation in the glycosyltransfer of N-acetylneuraminic acid
N-acetylneuraminic acid is an acidic nine-carbon amino ketose typically found at the non-reducing terminus of gly- coproteins and glycolipids. The presence of a carboxylate group adjacent to theExpand
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From Ethnic Nationalism to Strategic Multiculturalism: Shifting Strategies of Remembrance in the Québécois Secessionist Movement
AbstractThe controversy surrounding Jacques Parizeau.s dramatically rejected address on the evening of the Quebecois referendum on October 30th, 1995, provides an opportunity to examine the shiftingExpand
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