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Shelley's Theory of Mind: From Radical Empiricism to Cognitive Romanticism
In unfinished essays written between 1815 and 1821 and culminating in A Defence of Poetry (1821), Shelley articulated a comprehensive account of human cognition, from its foundation in analogicalExpand
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Identity and Access Management and Security in Higher Education.
12 In June, a person identifying herself as a recently hired faculty member calls an academic department to ask that her email and course management system access be enabled early. Logging in to theExpand
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Romanticism and the Cognitive Science of Imagination
I. Introduction: The Theoretical Return(s) of Romanticism ROMANTICISTS READING IN CONTEMPORARY COGNITIVE SCIENCE WILL frequently experience a strong and gratifying sense of deja-vu. For a reigningExpand
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E-Mail's Conversational Value
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E-Mail's Conversational Value (Focus on Teaching).
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A Mirror on the Mind: Stevens, Chiasmus, and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Literary-critical characterizations of the experience of reading Stevens’ poetry echo the emerging understanding of language-processing differences in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Many individualsExpand
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Episodes in English verse romance.
Generic rather than periodic, this thesis analyzes the structural development of the verse romance in English literary history. The structure of romance is episodic and discontinuous; it is governedExpand
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