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Algorithms and applications for approximate nonnegative matrix factorization
The development and use of low-rank approximate nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) algorithms for feature extraction and identification in the fields of text mining and spectral data analysis. Expand
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Understanding search engines - mathematical modeling and text retrieval
A discussion of many of the key design issues for building search engines. Expand
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Email Surveillance Using Non-negative Matrix Factorization
In this study, we apply a non-negative matrix factorization approach for the extraction and detection of concepts or topics from electronic mail messages. Expand
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Out-of-core SVD performance for document indexing
The following study documents a formal evaluation of the performance tradeoffs and scalability for computing the sparse matrix singular value decomposition (SVD) as part of the Latent SemanticExpand
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Modeling the Effects of Land Use on the Quality of Water, Air, Noise, and Habitat for a Five-County Region in Georgia
A computer simulation model, the Regional Simulator (RSim), was constructed to project how landuse changes affect the quality of water, air, noise, and habitat of species of special concern. RSim wasExpand
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Document classification techniques for automated technology readiness level analysis
The overhead of assessing technology readiness for deployment and investment purposes can be costly to both large and small businesses. Expand
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Predictive prosthetic socket design: part 2—generating person-specific candidate designs using multi-objective genetic algorithms
In post-amputation rehabilitation, a common goal is to return to ambulation using a prosthetic limb, suspended by a customised socket. Expand
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